FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J012092.WPD (Jan 20, 1992)

Today is January 20th, 1992
Okay so I figured in Word Perfect I can record quick 'macros'. So I don' have to manually type the date each time. It is 'sort of' like programming.

Anyway - my mom spoke to my aunt, who has a friend Joe, and Joe agreed to let me interview him. So i decided that I would do the interview as a tape recording and then type up the results on my computer here and print them on my dot matrix printer.

Plus, as a bonus, I learned that he is into computers too, and has his own 80486, so my interview is going to be about computers, obviously, though I'm as nervous as hell, I don't even know this guy and I am basically being dropped off at his house this Saturday morning. so I better get my questions ready.

In other news, our school library got it's first "real" computer too, I'm not sure what model it is yet, but my typing teacher said that I could take a do a few of my 'typing' class at the library if I want, [which I take to mean I can have some free time to play with it] I am already at the required words per minute to pass the class anyway..probably due to all the typing I have been doing on my home computer I guess.

Word Perfect Shortcut reminders

F10 - Save doucment
F5 - Open document
Shift+F1 settings (F1 itself is 'help' but not really good)
CTRL+F10 record a macro

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