FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J012492.WPD (Jan 24th, 1992)

Today is Sunday Jan 24th, 1992

So my "interview" went AWESOME!. Joe was a pretty cool guy for an older adult. He let me record the whole thing on audio tape. The first few 15 minutes or so were pretty awkward, I asked my prepared questions. I think he could tell how nervous I was.

Then he starting showing me some stuff on his computer, I pretty much when 'off script' after that. He connects to 'BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems) all the time. That is what you do with your modem, basically he has numbers of dial up sites that you can connect to and do all sorts of stuff, like chat, play games, and even download other games and files. He doesn't se the COM2COM program he uses one called TELIX and he made a copy of it form  on a floppy disk that i can use myself.  He also gave me the phone numbers of a few BBS's, he said the best is called 'C-LINK SYD' but it is a subscription service and it costs $11/month, you can get the first 30 days for free though if I want to try it.

Need to finishing writing up the notes of my interview for class next week though, hopefully I'll have some time to play around after that.
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